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Courtyard by Marriott (also Courtyard Marriott on signage) is a brand of hotels owned by Marriott International. They are a mid-priced range of hotels designed for business travellers but also accommodates families. Its rooms have desks, couches, and free Internet access.

A man who stayed with his company at a Courtyard in Fairfax, Virginia wrote: "Courtyard SUCKS"

Paid $2750 as a company, carpet was never cleaned in two weeks, no one spoke English, had to say over and over what you wanted, only wanted regular coffee for morning never got it, just decaf. Rooms cleaned around 2pm to 3pm {I get it} however, not very convenient for the patron, For the price you get nothing. Today the power went out for over 2 hours, no one checked, nothing said just the way it is {again, I get it} however next time I will get it somewhere else. Had enough.


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Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Management all fake They work the new people like dogs in 8 months nvr had the wkend always stuck on overnight or Nshift when my availability was days Cons: Management, Pay. No regard for personal life"

Manager Food & Beverage (Former Employee) says

"Underpaid, poor quality food, managment could care less about employees. Customers are very nice. Employers brand was incompetent. HR rules lacking consistency"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This facility was once a great one. However the building is VERY outdated. There’s no benefit or advancement within this company. Guests prefer not to stay at this facility, so there isn’t any tips. The only value is Marriott experience and the Marriott discount. Cons: No benefits, no valuable wages, no room for growth"

camarista (Former Employee) says

"Malos gerentes no saben ni dónde están parados.Puedes dejar tu vida ahí pero ellos no lo ven.Te toman en cuenta si eres barbero con ellos. Cons: La gerente general que le encanta la gente barbera"

Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is a mess and set an environment where it’s okay for employees to act like high schoolers. Unnecessary drama and tension. Favoritism is a thing here and picking on those who aren’t favorites is also a thing."

Front Desk Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"The general manager acts like a pompous child. Is really nice when your first hired but in the two months I’ve worked here the schedules don’t come out until 2 days before you’re expected to report, if you inquire about scheduling changes you will absolutely be reprimanded. Don’t even think about reporting harassment to the GM because nothing will be done beyond you being told that YOU the reporter reported it wrong. Lower management and associates make it tolerable by how wonderful kind and understanding they are but the GM is absolutely intolerable, doesn’t really know how to do his own job and spends most of the day munching on fistfuls of sunflower seeds. If I could go back in time I would have never agreed to this job."

Front Desk/Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"In 2 years with this company I saw at minimum 75 employees come and go. Never could keep staff and moral is low. No good incentives. Always called you in but no benefit for being the go to person once the chaos is calmed. Wouldnt recommend until higher ups are held accountable for the lack of follow through and teamwork. No true organization on team building."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place to work was good for a while then got bad after the outbreak no body wants to help others out and no one knows how to keep closets stocked with or to keep linen clean Cons: No breaks and no help"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"As a housekeeper I can honestly say I have never been as tired as I was after work until. I worked here. Start time was 9am and you can leave after your done. Sounds easier on paper. A typical day consisted of 14 check outside and 6 stay overs. The managers would rush you but expect the room to be perfect and not to mention the drama because its nothing but females and caty Attutides. Don't waste your time at Courtyard Marriott Cons: Long days, low pay, management"

Bartender/Waitress (Former Employee) says

"They will find any reason to fire you. Its disgusting. I loved the job until the college kids came back to work and your hours are completely cut. Then, they blame you for things that you did not do. They will find any little reason to fire you. I DO NOT recommend this job to anyone!!!"

Room Attendant/Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I started working for this company COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT GROVE CITY, I learned they don't change bed padding, comforter or blankets everyday or shower curtains. They have no clean linen, all linen and towels are stained with blood, rust or dirt marks. They don't sanitize any rooms with bleach, the shower stalls has mildew all alone the grout and bottom of the shower doors. The carpet has soo many stains and burnt marks, the fake headboard pillow cases only gets changed once a week. I am the only one who cleans the rooms and strip the old linen from the rooms and replace with new one. I was told by the GM not to do that. Everyone gets 13 rooms a day, yet that moron GM gives me 24 rooms and says some might be cleaned. They were not they are all dirty and filthy, because no one cleans the rooms or vacuums the rooms. No linen is even folded overnight so you are folding it before going onto the guest floors, wasting 1-2 hours before cleaning any rooms. No maintenance to fix anything broken, in some of the closets there are broken mirrors, every storage closet that housed the housekeeping carts are filthy with trash and dirty linen. Cons: no breaks, no linen, no towels, housekeepers call off everyday, rooms are filthy, they dont change comforters or blankets. they dont pay well."

Bistro Attendant (Former Employee) says

"would not recommend it/ there is no advancement potential. management is a joke. your schedule is dropped on you the day of at times. zero consideration for home life."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"When I started it was fantastic people were great place was great but that all changed. The owner Is an idiot, The new management team is made up of meth heads and other drug addicts. I cant begin to tell you how i feel i wasted my time there, No body knows what their doing maintenance sucks housekeeping sucks bistro sucks! This WAS the nicest hotel in council bluffs! But hey you smoke meth the management team will hook you up"

Guest Service Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"This is the absolute worst company I have worked for. DO NOT WORK HERE! The company doesn't care about their employees. You will regret working here.."

Housekeeping supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible only concerned about themselves and not the staff underpaid overworked I've been in the hospitality business for over 20 years I would never never work for another hotel by Marriott."

Bistro Server (Former Employee) says

"AT first the company was great, ny mother had a stoke, was hospitalized. Zero compassion, they kept military tips, management was fired and we still received nothing. Mgmt had you telling on each other. Poor work environment, my mother did not get better. And I was fired. After following all the rules. And watching management have relations with young male employees"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"There is no such thing as teamwork. It is every one for themselves. The management team has their favorites and it is very noticeable. The supervisor took all my suggestions and used them as her own. The 2 goals that we were supposed to work on, stains and smells, were not focused on. While cleaning bathrooms, I would wipe down the walls around the toilet which were very dirty. My supervisor said this wasn't necessary. But it was the main cause of stains and smells."

Waiter (Former Employee) says

"The complete managemet is unprofessional and incompetent they differentiate between nationalities.There is no job security.They don't treat the staff well and don't care about their wellbeing.Its very sad and heartening that this hotel belongs to Brand Marriott International and doesn't even hold and follow the Marriott Ethics,Values and SOP."

Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"My experience was completely ruined by a bad manager. Even though multiple complaints were filed and discussions had for improvement, human resources and corporate protected the manager and allowed retaliation."

Front Desk Concierge (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management...the GM gossips to all of her employees about each other and plays everyone against each other...and the pay is HORRIBLE...Im not sure how they even get away with that...crooked....all the way around...this is truth."

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